Precision Four-Point Probe Heads

probe head
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  • Standard Probe Tip Separation:
    1mm in linear array. Various arrays made to customer’s specifications are available.
  • Probe Needles:
    Tungsten Carbide Needles with a tip radius of 25 µm, 100 µm, 300 µm, and 500 µm standard. Other tip radii can be made to customer’s specifications.
  • Probe Guiding:
    Each probe needle is jewel guided near each end and is hand polished to best fit the jewel.
  • Probe Spring Loading:
    Each needle is individually biased by a spring. The loading force is adjustable between 90g to 200g. Other adjustable ranges are available according to customer’s specifications.
  • Maximum Needle Retraction:
    The standard retraction during probing is 0.5mm. Other specifications are possible.
  • Insulation:       150 Volts maximum voltage difference and 1013Ohm  minimum resistance.
  • Dimensions:    Available in various designs upon request.

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